Cosume Harry Potter Carnival / Halloween Cosplay + BIG MAGIC WAND FOR FREE


Do you want to go to Hogwarts?


If you hate being still a Muggle, then stop being so. This costume is a replica of those worn by students of the Gryffindor house in the Harry Potter movie.


The costume consists of a black one with a red inner lining. The dress can be closed with a black button. The Gryffindor Logo  is embroidered on the side of the chest. A white shirt, a tie from the house and glasses without lenses complete the look.


WARNING! The special big Harry Potter wand in natural resin, model Deathly Hallow, is for FREE with the costume!


Difference between costume basic / costume premium




Cloak + Shirt + Tie + Glasses + Wand




BASIC + Gryffindor Scarf + Gryffindor Hat + Wand


This will be a perfect match for every Harry Potter universe fan.


The look is available for both adults and children


Size Child / M


(cloak) Length: 113 Chest: 108 Sleeve length: 57


(shirt) Length: 70 Chest: 109


Size Adult / L


(cloak) Length: 115 Chest: 112 Sleeve length: 64


(shirt) Length: 72 Chest: 112

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